Prime Time Birds

When the NFL schedule is released in the offseason, the first games Eagles fans look for are of course the Dallas games. After that, we tend to look for the prime time games. Prime time games are usually a double edged sword. On one hand, your team is playing for the world to see. On the other, it forces you to stay up on a school night/work night. The Eagles have been a prime time darling in recent history, as the team has been overall successful. Since Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz became the faces of the franchise, that success has continued.

Since 2016, the Eagles have played in 18 prime time games (including playoffs). Their record in those games is 13-5, tied for 4th best in the league. They only trail the Patriots, Steelers, and Seahawks; and are tied with Dallas in prime time win percentage. That can change tonight, if New Orleans can defeat the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. What is more impressive than the Eagles overall win percentage in prime time games, is that on the road during those prime time games the team has a 6-3 record; good for 3rd in the league over the same time period. Three of those wins came on a short week, during Thursday Night Football where the Eagles have been even better.

Since 2016, the Eagles are one of only four teams to have an undefeated record on Thursday Night Football, at 4-0. There is something to be said about that record under Doug Pederson on a short week. The team averaged 110 rushing yards in those four games. It is no secret that Pederson simplifies the game plan on the short weeks, and it helps the offense move the football. For example, Carson Wentz owns a completion percentage of 78.5% on play action passes. His overall completion percentage sits at 66.7%. Providing Carson a running game is the best way to get the most efficiency out of the 4th year QB. Plain and simple - good things happen when Doug simplifies the game plan.

The Eagles are now 1-1 on the season in prime time games, with three remaining. Looking forward to those three games, the Eagles have a chance to improve their prime time record against some good teams. The next prime time game comes on October 19th against the Cowboys. The winner of that game, may take over the lead in the NFC East. Following that game is a matchup with the Seahawks on November 24th, a prime time revenge game from the loss in 2017. The final prime time game of the year comes on a Monday night against the New York Giants.

The Eagles have a real chance to improve that prime time win percentage in 2019.


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