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Price to Bring LeSean McCoy Back to Eagles Might Be Too Steep

The possible reunion some fans have been hoping for has seemed to come to a crashing end. With the Eagles in the market for a running back, one of the most-speculated trade candidates has been LeSean McCoy Buffalo Bills. The team has already reportedly inquired about his availability, but a new report has come out that makes it seem like the Eagles won't be able to bring him back.

A 2nd-round pick in itself is a lot for a 30-year-old running back that has taken a lot of hits in his 9+ seasons in the NFL. Plus the Bills want that and more for him, which doesn't seem like something Howie Roseman would do.

The Eagles are in a win-now window, as they have a well-built team with a franchise quarterback on a rookie contract, So the team might be okay with trading a pick or two if they feel McCoy or another player could help them repeat as Super Bowl Champions. At the same time, the front-office knows that once Carson Wentz gets his mega-contract, they will need as many draft picks as possible to try to find players who can contribute on cheap rookie contracts. Once that mega-contract is sign there likely won't be any room to sign high-profiled free agents in the offseasons.

The time is now for the Eagles to stay competitive for the Lombardi Trophy, so Howie Roseman has a tough decision to make when it comes to trading draft picks for impact players, or keeping the draft picks to try to find some key players at different parts of upcoming drafts.

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