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Possible Eagles Additions During Free Agency: Backup TE

The Eagles have plenty of holes to fill this offseason, especially with depth at certain positions. Even though on the surface it doesn't appear to be a huge need, the Eagles need to figure out who their third tight end will be on the 2020 roster. There were multiple times in 2019 where Zach Ertz or Dallas Goedert were on the sidelines dealing with injuries, which left the team with essentially one reliable tight end option. Doug Pederson's offense heavily relies on 12-personnel, so if the team doesn't want any repeats of 2019, they will have to find a tight end either in a trade, free agency, or the draft to give themselves solid depth at the position.

Here are a few tight ends the Eagles could have their eyes on when the new league year starts:

Darren Fells

Fells' calculated market value is $4.3 Million/year, which the Eagles could certainly afford if they want to make sure they have their tight end depth secured. The soon-to-be 34-year-old veteran has played in 86 career games and has caught 102 balls for 1,171 yards and 17 touchdowns. If Zach Ertz or Dallas Goedert had to miss time in 2020, the offense shouldn't buckle too hard if Fells were to be thrown into the mix. At 6'7, 281 lbs, he would be a perfect red zone target for one of the best red zone quarterbacks in the NFL -- Carson Wentz.

Charles Clay

He's not as valuable as he used to be, but Clay could still be effective in a limited role in 2020. He just turned 31 years old and has 357 career catches under his belt for 3,868 yards and 24 touchdowns. Since he is n the wrong side of 30, Clay is likely not going to commend much money, maybe even less than Fells' projected numbers.

Trey Burton

The Trey Burton experiment hasn't really worked out in Chicago, and the Bears might be ready to finally move on from the former Bird. I'd love it if Burton came back to Philly, but I don't think the Eagles would want him with his current contract (still owed $17 Million over the next two seasons). If they can come to a trade agreement where Burton agrees to renegotiate, maybe there could be a reunion in the works. For now, with no news on that front, it's not really worth speculating too much.

Eric Ebron

Ebron was a Pro Bowler back in 2018, but he reverted back to his usual above-average stats in 2019 (31 receptions, 375 yards, three touchdowns). Ebron will likely want to go somewhere that will pay him big money to become the team's #1 unquestioned tight end. However, his one-year peak might not have been enough to earn a huge contract. If Ebron's agent tells Howie Roseman his client is fine making just a few million dollars in a #2 or #3 role, it'd certainly be worth bringing him in and investing highly in three tight ends for this team. However, this scenario seems very unlikely so that's why he's towards the bottom of this list.

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