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Possible Eagles Additions During Free Agency: Backup QB

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The Eagles have plenty of holes to fill this offseason, especially with depth at certain positions. One of the most important positions for the Eagles to have depth at backup quarterback. After completing a full 16-game regular season (the second time in his career), Carson Wentz still has the injury label attached to him thanks to a dirty hit delivered by Jadeveon Clowney early in Wentz's first playoff game.

Here are a few quarterbacks the Eagles could have their eyes on when the new league year starts:

Marcus Mariota

He has had trouble staying healthy in his career, but it's not like he is coming here to start anyway. Back in 2015 when Chip Kelly was in control of the Eagles, there were serious discussions about the Eagles trading up to take Mariota in the draft. Even though Mariota was a Chip guy, that shouldn't deter Howie Roseman from inquiring about his services. He probably wants to go somewhere to start, but if he can't find a team that wants him to be the unquestioned starter the Eagles should have a decent chance at signing Mariota if the contract demands aren't ridiculous. If Wentz were to go down with an injury in 2020, Mariota would be able to step in and not let the offense completely crumble beneath itself. Doug Pederson could bring back some RPO plays and designed QB runs for the quick Mariota.

Josh McCown

I'm not taking anything away from him by saying this, but McCown is a dependable backup in the NFL. Although in his only action he didn't produce a win, he wasn't the main reason for the team's loss. He helped Wentz a lot on the sidelines too throughout the entire season. Wentz and Doug Pederson both seem comfortable with McCown as a backup, so if he still wants to play, I'm sure Howie Roseman will be able to get a contract agreed upon for a return for #18 in midnight green.

Case Keenum

When he gets hot, Keenum looks like a capable starter in this league, which is exactly why he is a fine backup quarterback option for the Birds. Now 32 years old, Keenum should know that he won't get a starting job anywhere this offseason, so it'll be up to him to decide where he'd want to be a backup. If it comes down to a bidding war, the Eagles would probably back out, but if they are one of the only suitors for Keenum, he would be a fine addition that only costs a few million dollars.

Nate Sudfeld

Sudfeld was supposed to be the heir-apparent backup for the Eagles in 2019 after serving as the third quarterback on the depth chart the previous two seasons. A preseason injury meant the team had to bring in Josh McCown, who quickly overtook Sudfeld's role as backup for the remainder of 2019. Since he pretty much only has 1.5 career games played, he is still a mystery and likely won't command much money. The Eagles can guarantee Sudfeld he'd be the unquestioned backup quarterback in 2020, something I don't think many other teams can do. As long as the money is right on both sides, he'd be the easiest backup to secure for the Birds.


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