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Philly Radio Host Predicted Nelson Agholor's Big Game on Sunday

Nelson Agholor hasn't had the breakout 2018 season that he was hoping for. Going into Sunday's game against the Houston Texans, Agholor only had 54 catches, 580 receiving yards and just one touchdown on the season. With this being his contract year, Agholor wanted to showcase what he is able to do to either earn a new contract with the Eagles, or earn a big-money contract with a new team. In the week leading up to the game, Agholor went on the Quincy Harris Morning Show, where he discussed with the host about what kind of game he would be having against the Texans.

Take a listen to what was discussed between the two:

Harris' prediction was pretty much spot on - he predicted 7 catches, Agholor got 5. He predicted between 85-110 yards, Agholor got 116. And of course, Harris' prediction came true of a falling back touchdown celebration a la DeSean Jackson.

Can we get Quincy Harris to predict an Eagles win on Sunday against the Redskins and a win for the Bears over the Vikings?

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