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Philadelphia Has the Best Fans in the World

I'm often asked why I’m an Eagles fan. Why do I stand by a team that for years upon years couldn’t win a super bowl? Why do I wanna be known as a Philly fan as rude as they are?

The main reason... my dad would disown me if I rooted for any other team. Completely kidding. All jokes aside, I can’t imagine being a fan of any other organization. Win or lose this city is always there for their team no matter what. Back when the Eagles couldn’t win a game for the life of them, you would still see people proudly walking around with their Eagles gear on.

Another thing about being a Philly fan is the hype of this city. There’s no better feeling then being on a winning streak and walking down the street to get a “go birds” as a hello. The feeling brings families and friends together. It gives strangers something to talk about other than how the weather is that day. When the Eagles are winning, it gives you something to look forward to and its rare to see a frowning face during an Eagles winning streak.

People refer to us as rude, but were just honest and have our team's back no matter what. People confuse honesty and rudeness everyday. We tell it how it is, and if people hate us for it then so be it. Every fandom has their fair share of people who don't know how to act, that's not just a Philly problem. Any sports player in Philadelphia can agree that we are the best fans in the world, because no matter how hard it gets we'll always be making some noise and cheering our team to victory.

The city of Philadelphia is home and there’s no better feeling then being a fan from this city. It's hard to put into words what it means to be a fan of such a great organization, you have to really experience it to know. No matter where life takes me, I’ll never stray from my team.

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