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Pending Transactions: Week 14

This series will discuss some players on the roster who will and won’t be back next season, and who could possibly take over their role in the future.

Let’s start with Tim Jernigan:

Jernigan started his Eagles career brilliantly, getting after Quarterbacks and playing solid run defense in the first half of 2017. His play ultimately rewarded him with a beefy contract worth $48M over four years. However, he pretty much became a ghost in the second half of the season, needed back surgery in the following offseason, and restructured his contract.

In the restructured negotiation, the Eagles can release Jernigan and save $13 Million in cap space for 2019. I can’t imagine any other move and definitely don’t see them keeping him on the roster. He’ll likely be released, possibly sooner than we expect.

Replacement:The defensive tackle position is extremely weak and old outside of Fletcher Cox, so I expect Howie and Doug will address this position early & often in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Next up, Corey Graham:

Dating back to last season, Graham has had his bad moments, most notably against the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017 when he was met with then rookie Running Back Kareem Hunt in open space. He failed to make the tackle, and Hunt left him in the dust for a long touchdown.

It’s really nothing personal against Graham, as he’s played pretty well otherwise for his age and contract. The 33-year-old defensive back is simply too old at this point. He lacks any kind of speed and sometimes takes poor angles.

Replacement:I’ll wait to see which unrestricted free agent safeties decide to look elsewhere for work in the 2019 offseason before saying how I think they’ll find his replacement.

Lastly, Chance Warmack:

This one is puzzling. Just release him, already. There’s absolutely no use to keep this player on the roster at this point. I have no idea why they didn’t make this move before the 2018 season began.

Replacement: Literally anyone, your uncle, your grandmother, maybe your mailman? Doesn’t really matter, honestly.

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