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OTD in Eagles History: The Pickle Juice Game

Eagles fans love when their team is beating the Cowboys. It doesn't matter what it takes or how it's done, a win is a win. Fans and players alike will wear the same pair of socks each game day, stack the TV remotes a certain order, eat a particular food, or even paint their face with midnight green. But back on September 3, 2000, the Eagles would have never guessed that pickle juice would become a part of their pregame routine.

But it did, and it worked. The Eagles finished off a jar of pickle juice to rout the 'Boys 41 to 14 to kick off the season in Dallas. Yes, you read that right, pickle juice. If you never heard the story before, it's time to learn about one of the best starts to a season in team history.

At game time, the temperature in Dallas was nearing 110° and the temperature on the turf was close to 150°. Fearing dehydration, the Eagles trainer suggested the team drink pickle juice to avoid cramping. Whether it was the pickle juice or the onside kick to start the game, the Eagles and second-year head coach, Andy Reid, were in the zone early.

The offense exploded as quarterback Donovan McNabb tossed and rushed for a touchdown, while running back Duce Staley rushed for 201 yards (at the time the 2nd-most in a game in team history) and a touchdown.

After "The Pickle Juice Game", the Eagles went on to win 10 more games that season, finishing with a record of 11-5. The one one playoff game before being eliminated in the Divisional Round.

To learn more about "The Pickle Juice Game" and to see a few highlights, watch the clip below:



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