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On the Road Again Soon...

Next week the Eagles will get to come home to the great Lincoln Financial Field. However, it will only be for a short time as they will get to face the New York Jets. The next three games after that are away. The first game will be against the Minnesota Vikings, then on the road at Dallas (we better win that game), and then finally the Bills who seem to have something working for them...well at least for the Bills.

One of the best moments the year we won the Super Bowl was the Eagles fans showing up for road games. The Eagles' brotherhood made away games feel like home games. I can recall looking into the crowd to see all the Eagles fans cheering and coming together just like their team did, it was great. We were louder than the home teams fans! The one game that really stood out that season was the game in Los Angeles when there were literally more Eagles fans than Chargers fans inside the stadium causing a ruckus. Fans getting loud and rowdy will help Carson Wentz and the rest of the team get on a roll and start racking up some "W's."

We should feel good about three away games in October. That's right they are all in one month. The Eagles have a good history with away games. Since 2017 they have recorded an 11-7 record for the regular season. That makes us tied with the Kansas City Chiefs with the 6th best road winning percentage at (.611). I would just like to shout out all the ones who do travel to go see the best team in the world (looking at you Green Legion). Let's yell until we lose our voices! Even you folks at home watching on TV can yell, because we are about to be top dogs again soon, and it all starts with that rough stretch of road games coming up.

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