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'Oh, man, I wish I never said that': Collinsworth Admits Mistake in Super Bowl Call

Whilst the visuals of the Super Bowl are something no Eagles fan will ever want to forget, the accompanying commentary won't be as fondly remembered.

The NBC coverage of the game called by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, to put it very mildly, was not popular amongst Eagles fans.

All Super Bowls are high stakes for fans. But for a franchise competing for their first, tensions were running particularly high throughout the game. So when Zach Ertz scored what would end up being the Super Bowl-winning touchdown and the play was put to a lengthy booth review, it was an emotional rollercoaster that lasted for what seemed an eternity.

I remember watching the game in a bar in Sydney, Australia with the unusual crowd of eight of my friends and my mom. After the first replay of the touchdown, my mom (who was born in Philly but understandably had let lapse some of the more complicated rules of football after living in Australia for 25+ years), asked what exactly it was the referees were looking at.

Trying to explain the catch rule in layman's terms to my mom at that particularly unstable and overly-sensitive time of my life wasn't something I was doing too well. That's where Cris Collinsworth came in. Collinsworth, now infamously, told America, and my mom, that he didn't think the touchdown ruling would stand.

But in a recent interview, Collinsworth has stated he wished he could take back the analysis:

"...the first words out of my mouth, I wish I just stuck with these, was: 'I have no idea what they're going to call on this.' The ball bounced out, we've seen 1,000 different things. So the baseline thing is you've got to survive the ground, right? That's the rule, you've got to survive the ground. So what was Dez Bryant? Dez Bryant was one, two, three, a football act diving for the end zone, ball comes out, incomplete. What is this play? One, two, three, a football act and the ball comes out.

Well, I guess they're going to have to overturn this one.' Oh, man, I wish I never said that."

Whilst admitting he was wrong on the Ertz call, Collinsworth has stuck to his guns on some other unpopular takes from the game:

"The Corey Clement play, I probably wouldn't change my opinion on that one. All season long, I did 30 games, if you bobbled the ball and stepped on the line, it was incomplete."

Collinsworth has long been accused by Eagles fans of bias against Philadelphia during his broadcasts. On an episode of the Bill Simmons Podcast, Collinsworth claimed all NFL fan bases accuse him of having a personal vendetta against their team.

Personally, I'm more angry with Al Michael's lackluster reaction to the final play of the game. Guess we'll just have to do it again and hope Romo on CBS provides a bit more enthusiasm.

You can watch the full interview here

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