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Nigel Bradham Knew Bears Play-Calls For Entire Game

Nigel Bradham did his homework for the Chicago Bears game.

After a thrilling victory on Sunday, the stars of the game were the Eagles defense, which gave up only 15 points while being in hostile territory. One player that stood out on the defense was linebacker Nigel Bradham.

Bradham, who recorded seven tackles, two tackles for loss, and two passes defended, was noticed non-stop on Sunday. When talking with media after the game, Bradham said that he knew what the Bears were doing each play:

"Just understanding their offense, the things they like to do...I felt like a lot of their scheme game to game is repetitive. So knowing what they like to do and how they like to utilize. They do a lot of the same things. Certain formations. Also when Trey Burton went down, I think that had an effect on their offense."

With Bradham back to full health after dealing with thumb surgery earlier in the season, the Eagles defense is rolling, and Jim Schwartz will be hoping they stay hot when they get down to New Orleans on Sunday.

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