Nick Foles Set to Cash in Once He Starts on Thursday

Nick Foles has made a lot of money so far as an NFL QB. According to HeroSports, he has made about $20 Million so far in his career.

Today Doug Pederson officially announced that Foles will indeed be the starting QB for Week 1 against the Atlanta Falcons. This announcement has Foles in line to make some more cash due to bonuses in his contract that was re-written this offseason.

As long as he doesn't get hurt extremely early in Thursday's game, Foles is set to make at least another $250,000 for himself. If he is able to help lead the Eagles to a victory on opening night, he will end up with a total of $500,000 in his pocket.

Kudos to Foles' agent for helping put this incentive in his contract. If Carson Wentz ends up missing a few more games as he recovers from his ACL/LCL injury, Foles is set to make a ton of money off of these incentives.

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