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Nick Foles on Number Change: 'Number 9 Stays in Philadelphia'

There are a lot of lofty words associated with Nick Foles in Philadelphia: legend, hero, and icon are just a few of them.

This season Foles will exchange his midnight green for the teal, black, and gold of the Jacksonville Jaguars, but that won't be the only thing that is different about the jersey Foles puts on each Sunday. The Jacksonville iteration will be adorned with a number 7 instead of the 9 he wore on his Eagles jersey that became iconic when he hoisted the Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl 52.

NBC Sports Philadelphia's Derrick Gunn caught up with Foles and asked him about the change. Gunn shared the response on Twitter, and it's one that Eagles fans will love and will only serve to elevate Foles' status in the Delaware Valley.

Foles told Gunn "number 9 stays in Philadelphia. That number means a lot to me. It pertains to that city."

The change in jersey number, and the reason behind it, is another indication of Foles' character as well as his appreciation for Philadelphia, the Eagles, and his time with the team and in the city.

While it will be hard to see Foles wear another team's jersey, it's great that he's getting an opportunity to be a starting quarterback. Knowing that his #9 belongs to Philadelphia should help a little, and hopefully Carson Wentz and the rest of the 2019 Eagles can do their part in easing the sting as well.

Regardless, we know of Foles' feelings towards the Eagles and Philadelphia, and hopefully he knows the feeling is mutual.

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