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Nick Foles Helps Former Eagles Teammate Start Second Career

Everybody in the city of Philadelphia loves Nick Foles for what he did in his time as an Eagle, but now one of his former teammates is showing Foles some love for helping him start his life after football.

Bryce Treggs is a former Eagles wide receiver who spent some time with the team from 2016 to 2018. Treggs and Foles never played in a regular season game together with the Birds, but apparently they gained a lot of chemistry with each other in the locker room. Yesterday Treggs announced his pivot from being a football player to becoming an agent. After his initial announcement, Treggs took time to extend a thank you to the former Super Bowl MVP for vouching for him to get the position.

If you're looking for someone who has met Nick Foles before and didn't like him as a person, you're gonna have to search for a needle in that haystack, because it seems like Foles has been a positive influence for everyone he has ever met. I doubt this is the last time Foles does something like this for one of his former teammates.



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