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Nick Foles Has One Million Reasons to Thank Trayvon Hester

After the dust settled from the double doink, it was a surprising turn of events when it was discovered that Eagles defensive tackle Trayvon Hester actually tipped the field-goal attempt from Cody Parkey.

Of course every Eagles fan and player have plenty of reasons to be thankful for Hester's left hand, but Nick Foles has more reasons to be grateful for Hester.

Nick Foles has an incentive in his contract this year that pays him $500,000 for players in 33% of snaps in each playoff game, and $500,000 if the team wins.  That means that when the ball fell in front of the goal post instead of behind it, Nick Foles became $1 Million richer.

Foles might owe Hester a free dinner or two as a thank you for helping him become a much richer man.

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