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Nick Foles Continues to Be Connected to the Jacksonville Jaguars

On Wednesday the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens made some shockwaves across the NFL, as it was reported that the Broncos were acquiring former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco from the Ravens for a 4th-round draft pick.

Even though the trade didn't involve the Eagles, it did have a little impact to the Eagles' offseason plans. NFL Network's Mike Garafolo described how that impacted the Eagles with their situation regarding Nick Foles.

So they key points from Garafolo's segment are:

  • Nick Foles was the back-up plan for the Denver Broncos if their Joe Flacco deal broke down.

  • Garafolo says there is an “obvious connection” between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Nick Foles, and he expects mutual interest from Foles to want to go to the Jags.

  • Garafolo doesn’t see the Miami Dolphins as a legit possible destination for Foles.

  • Garafolo mentions that the New York Giants and Washington Redskins as likely having a good amount of interest in Foles, but the Eagles will do everything in their power to make sure he doesn’t go to one of their divisional rivals.

So with Foles' second-most-likely landing spot now out of the question, it appears the Jaguars are the frontrunners to land Nick Foles either in a trade or in Free Agency. If the Eagles can't work out a tag-and-trade, then once Foles hits the open market the Giants and Redskins are expected to go after the former Eagles QB.

The Flacco move comes a full month before it can be officially made. This shows there is a chance we could know what Nick Foles' future holds in the coming days, but we know that we can expect a definite decision to be announced within four weeks.

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