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Nick Foles: A Story of David vs Goliath

84-28. This is the combined record of teams Nick Foles has faced from last season's playoff run, into this season’s stretch of four games; essentially playoff games themselves.

Over the span of those games, he has completed 189 of 259 passes, a 73% completion rate, for 2,199 yards with 14 TDs to 6 INT. Foles has consistently proven he can run Doug Pederson’s offense efficiently, bringing up the QB debate so many fans are already tired of.

What Nick has done for this franchise to this point has been nothing short of magical. It’s no secret that the team responds to him, both offensively and defensively. Whether Nick is back next year or not, let’s remember one thing: this week the Eagles have a chance to play for a spot in the NFC Championship game- against a team that most certainly “ended the Eagles season” earlier this year. Nick Foles has something big about him, and it shows when the Eagles have needed him most.

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