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Vegas2021banner.jpg Ranks Top 10 Eagles Plays of First Half of 2019

This weekend starts Week 9 of the NFL season, which means we are right smack in the middle of the football year. To celebrate, the league is ranking each team's top 10 plays from the season so far. This is what they came up with for the Eagles:

There's plenty to critique from the list:

•Miles Sanders' 65-yard touchdown vs. Buffalo is too low and his 32-yard receiving touchdown vs. Minnesota is too high. If they were to flipflop their position then this list would be a little better.

•Andrew Sendejo's pick in Minnesota is too high up. It wasn't really that good of a play made by his part, it was just a unique play because of Stefon Diggs letting the ball smack off his helmet to pop up in the air long enough for Sendejo to track it. This spot should be flipped with Nate Gerry's pick-six.

•Carson Wentz's completion as he is being dragged to the ground is too low, that needs to be in the top three for certain. It's just a bizarre play that shows that no play if ever finished when Carson has the ball until the whistle is blown.

•Orlando Scandrick's strip-sack touchdown was great, but #1? c'mon now....especially after the drama he caused since then, this needs to be a little lower. Either DeSean Jackson touchdown could take that top spot, maybe leaning more towards his first touchdown back in an Eagles uniform just because of how special of an occasion that was.

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