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Newest to the Nest - Miles Sanders

Updated: May 8, 2019

With the 53rd pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select - Miles Sanders, running back Penn State. The last time the Eagles selected a running back with the 53rd pick in the draft - that player was Lesean McCoy. Many draft people see a bit of McCoy in Sanders, and that's rightfully so.

While Sanders and McCoy aren't burners, both leverage their agility to make defenders miss. Another player that Sanders reminds you of on tape is Saquon Barkley - lite. While Sanders is by no means a mix of Barkley and Shady, there are some attributes there that get fans excited for his future in midnight green.

The Good:

  • Patience as a runner

  • Agility with the ball in his hands

  • Great hands out of the backfield

  • Balance

The Bad:

  • Not much home run speed

  • Like Shady - can get too jumpy in the hole sometimes

My prediction for Sanders is that he ends up becoming the best pick for the Eagles in this draft class. While it seems like the draft class may be a smaller one, the team has gotten some real value. I see Sanders splitting time with Howard, much like Shady and B-West did. Once Howard is gone next offseason, Sanders may also change his number to 24, just as Shady did in his second year.

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