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New Poll Reveals That Eagles are One of the Most Desirable Teams to Play For

From Asante Samuel and Nnamdi Asomugha, to Alshon Jeffery and Nick Foles, players across the NFL have not shied away from wanting and choosing to play in the city of brotherly love. Not that we needed the confirmation, but last week Sports Illustrated released an article that showed the results of a poll they conducted with 15 NFL agents when asking them:

“If you polled your clients about the most and least desirable teams to play for, which teams do you think would end up in the Top 5 and which would be in the Bottom 5?”

The poll showed that Philadelphia was the 6th-most desired destination in the NFL training only Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, and Dallas

The 15 agents named many different factors that make teams more or less to their clients:

“typically we look at winning culture/tradition, opportunity [for playing time], income tax laws, market, area of the country, and sometimes weather.”

Philadelphia certainly nails the tradition aspect, and now after winning a Super Bowl in February of 2018, they have a winning culture in place that is expected to stay for years to come. Pennsylvania is in the middle of the road when it comes to tax laws, and as for the weather, you get to experience every possible season.

With the culture that Doug Pederson has established in the locker room and teams seeing how well Howie Roseman treats/rewards his players, Philadelphia should rise in those rankings in the coming years.


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