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Nelson Agholor is *Literally* the Worst Receiver in the NFL This Year

We all know Nelson Agholor has had his struggles this year with key drops that could have changed games. The one against the Falcons, the couple against the Bears, he gave up on a play in the Cowboys game, and now the latest in the end zone against the Patriots. He has regressed a lot from the 2017 season and it isn’t looking like he will be getting better. According to PFF, out of 124 receivers who have played at least 25% of his team's snaps this season, Nelson Agholor is rated as the worst receiver in the NFL. When I first saw this, I thought it was a little exaggerated at first because there are other receivers that aren’t great in the NFL. However, after thinking back and seeing how ineffective Nelson has been, this ranking is correct.

Agholor has no defining trait that makes him special compared to other receivers. He doesn’t have the speed to beat corners down the field like a DeSean Jackson or Will Fuller. He is terrible at contested catches, unlike DeAndre Hopkins or Alshon Jeffrey. He’s not even good as a possession receiver like a Julian Edelman or Robert Woods. Even when he beats players down the field, he can’t track deep passes. He can make good evasive moves, but if you can’t catch the ball it doesn’t matter. Watching the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans last night proved to me that Agholor truly is the worst WR in the world. There were receivers I never heard of that did a better job getting open and making catches on both teams than Agholor has made ever in his career.

This year proves that Agholor should no longer be on the field for the Eagles. Give J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Mack Hollins and Jordan Matthews more snaps to see what else the Eagles have in the rest of the receivers and use them in different ways to see who they can keep and who they should get rid of.

Vote in our poll if you agree that Agholor is actually the worst receiver in the NFL, or if you disagree with this rating given to him.

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