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National Media Respects Eagles Deep Threat

Whenever the Eagles are brought up in the national media, it's worth noting. It seems like the national media - in Eagles fans eyes - never respect the birds, especially ones that were associated with the Dallas Cowboys. However, recently Gil Brandt ranked who he believed was the Top 10 deep threats in the NFL today.

Brandt, who was enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame for building the Dallas Cowboys power house teams prefaced his top 10 list by explaining the importance of the deep threat in today's NFL. A man who knows a thing or two about deep threats, mentions that it's important to have a deep threat in an offense in order to keep the defense honest. He also mentions that the list was derived after he was inspired by Desean's massive 154 yard and 2 touchdown game.

The list starts out with arguably the best WR of our generation in Julio Jones. Jones will be on the opposite sideline this weekend, and the Eagles will hope to at least contain the all pro receiver. Jones has an elite combination of size and speed, that allows him to take the lid off a defense and bring the ball in.

Next on the list is Antonio Brown, lets skip over that mess.

Next up on Brandt's list - Desean Jackson. Jackson only trails Jerry Rice for the most 50+ yard touchdowns in NFL history. Bringing that weapon into this offense has already proven dangerous for opposing defenses, and that was with no real work together in the preseason.

NFL Network has been all over Desean Jackson and his huge week last week, and the national media respect is pretty welcomed in the city of brotherly love.


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