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National Media Continues to Disrespect Carson Wentz

Ever since Nick Foles raised the Lombardi Trophy over his head one year ago, it seems like Carson Wentz has had a target on his back. That target seemed to get even larger after Wentz went down with a season-ending injury for the second-consecutive year, and Foles stepped back into a starting position with three games remaining in the 2018 season to lead the Eagles to the playoffs - coming one Alshon Jeffery drop away from helping the team reach back-to-back NFC Championship Games.

Carson Wentz has already been guaranteed the starting quarterback role for 2019, especially with the Eagles being linked to possibly franchise-tagging and then trading Nick Foles this offseason. With Wentz having a clear road in front of him, you would think that national media will look at his situation and say that he is one of the best young quarterbacks in the game. However, two different media outlets blatantly showed the Eagles quarterback disrespect this past week.

On Friday, NBC gave fans a vote for which quarterback they would want on their favorite team for the next 15 seasons. Wentz was not one of the four quarterbacks mentioned.

The disrespect continued into Monday, when FOX decided to jump in on the debate and ask fans which quarterback they would want on their team for the next decade. Their question extended the listed to six young, talented quarterbacks. None of them were Carson Wentz.

I think these media outlets quickly forgot that Carson Wentz was three games away from becoming the likely MVP of the 2017 NFL season. Instead, FOX truly believes for some reason that Dak Prescott is a better option at quarterback than Carson Wentz. Both FOX and NBC also went on to mention Jared Goff instead of Carson Wentz. I guess since neither of those companies broadcasted this year's Super Bowl, they must not have seen Goff put up just 3 points in the biggest game of his life.

At the end of the day this is all just for fun debates to help pass time during the offseason, but for both NBC and FOX to disrespect Carson Wentz like that, they will see in 2019 why leaving Wentz out of these debates was a big mistake.

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