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Nate Sudfeld's Broken Wrist Requires Surgery

This is not the ideal start to the preseason for the Philadelphia Eagles.

With the team in need of a backup quarterback, this was Nate Sudfeld's chance to prove that he has been worth keeping around the past two seasons as the team groomed him. Sudfeld did show some promise in the preseason opener against the Tennessee Titans, going 10/18 for 177 yards and one 75-yard touchdown pass to Marken Michel. In the 2nd-quarter Sudfeld took a hit and when bracing for the fall his wrist hit the field, braking in the process.

It's not the end of the world for the Eagles, but this is definitely not a scenario the team wanted to deal with (especially this early). It's even more troublesome because after he left the game, Cody Kessler and Clayton Thorson threw for a combined 5/15 for 19 yards and one interception. Pederson said after the game there would be no immediate plans to sign a quarterback in Sudfeld's place.

The good news is that Sudfeld's broken wrist is on his non-throwing hand, so he should be able to make throws fine once the bone is fully healed. It could mean Sudfeld would be ready to backup Wentz towards the end of September or beginning of October.

Eagles fans will just have to pray a little bit harder for Wentz to stay healthy, especially during the beginning of the season.

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