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Nate Gerry *Literally* Has Not Stopped Any Passing Plays in 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

We are only five games into the 2020 season, and it's safe to assume every Eagles fan in the world knows that Nate Gerry sucks. The reason it is safe to assume that is because every quarterback the Eagles have faced this season has made that realization as well.

So far in his first full season as the signal-caller of the Eagles defense, Gerry has not done anything productive. In fact, he actually has not stopped/interfered with a single pass thrown his way.

With all of that information made available to Jim Schwartz (and also the ability to use his eyes), it is perplexing that the defensive coordinator has yet to make any changes to his linebacker rotation.

Just six months ago, the Eagles spent two draft picks on the linebacker position (Davion Taylor -- third-round, Shaun Bradley -- sixth-round). So far Taylor has yet to play a single defensive snap, and Bradley has taken just 14 snaps on defense. Why on Earth has neither rookie linebacker been given a chance yet to show what they have to offer? They (quite literally) can not play any worse than Gerry has so far.

If Gerry doesn't turn his game around soon (and if Schwartz still refuses to bench him), then there might be an angry mob outside of the NovaCare Complex relatively soon.

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