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Mummers Parade Round 2: Kelce's Return?

What's more Philly then the Eagles winning the Superbowl and dancing around in Mummer's costumes? Jason Kelce achieved all-time Philly status when he did just that at the Eagles Superbowl parade last year. Kelce recently commented on a picture of him wearing the costume last year saying, "I would love to utilize that again in a few weeks."

Kelce shocked Eagles fans last year when he came out in full Mummer get up and gave an unforgivable speech. His speech was the equivalence to Utley's 2008 World Series speech, lots of hype and lots of censors. Kelce delivered a passionate speech about what it means to be underdogs and touched on all the negative comments people have made about the team. "No one wanted us! No one loved this team. No analyst liked this team to win the Super Bowl and nobody likes our fans."

After the parade eagles fans wanted to remember that day and Kelce's speech forever, and what better way to do that then to buy you're own remake of the suit. Months after the parade a local shop called Rasta Impostathat creates original designs decided to remake and sell the costume for upcoming games, tailgates, and potential future parades. The whole costume goes for $125 and is sold through Rasta Impostaonline or in store at local Chickie's and Petes.

With only weeks left until the next Superbowl, fans wonder if Kelce will break the outfit out again or come out bigger and better if we win. The only way he could make that appearance any better is if he comes out waving a Philly cheesesteak around.

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