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Multiple Eagles Players Are Petitioning to Bring Back Kelly Green Jerseys

It's no secret that a lot of Eagles fans have some nostalgia when it comes to kelly green jerseys. Watching Randall Cunningham run around and toss touchdown passes while Reggie White and Jerome Brown wreak havoc on quarterbacks will always spawn great memories for those in Philadelphia. When the Eagles brought their kelly green jerseys back for one game in 2010, fans were elated to watch players like LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson where those colors proudly. It's been almost nine years since that game, and ever since then fans have been going crazy waiting for the team to bring those jerseys back as an alternate, or even full-time.

Fans aren't the only ones who want kelly green back as an option for the Eagles. This newest push for the change has come from players themselves. It started back in May of 2017, when the newly signed Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery posted on Twitter showing his favorite Eagles uniform: the white jerseys with kelly green numbering.

And then a few months later, Jalen Mills jumped on the bandwagon by sharing an edit of what he'd look like wearing a kelly green and pants combo.

The push for kelly green continued into 2018, when Carson Wentz wore a kelly green suit to his press conference after the Eagles defeated the Indianapolis Colts in Week 3.

Back in February of this year, former quarterback Ron Jaworski posted a picture of himself dawning the kelly green, and Alshon Jeffery made it known once again he wants the team to switch back to that color

The saga continued yesterday, when Ron Jaworski posted another picture of himself in kelly green, and exclaiming to the world that he wants the Eagles to bring the color back full-time.

Alshon Jeffery once again spoke up and let his voice be heard that he wants to same.

Jeffery's current profile picture on Twitter is of Reggie White rocking the kelly green, so you know he is pretty serious about this movement.

Thanks to the NFL's dumb rule that you can only have one helmet, the Eagles haven't been able to bring the jersey back. Owner Jeffrey Lurie has made it known the he would like to bring the jersey back in some capacity, but until the NFL changes its rules to allow a second helmet (or at least allow helmets to be painted back and forth), the Eagles will have to remain in midnight green.

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