Multiple Eagles Played Through Agonizing Injuries in Wildcard Round

Even though the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC East, they will always be remembered as a team that had Super Bowl aspirations that were cut by the endless amount of injuries suffered by important players.

The injured reserve list is too long to type out, but even those that were healthy enough to play were dealing with some pretty gruesome and painful injuries. At the conclusion of Sunday's loss in the Wildcard round to the Seattle Seahawks, we found out that both Zach Ertz and Miles Sanders played with multiple injuries.

Later in the week, Nate Gerry underwent core muscle surgery fix an injury he played with all the way through TRAINING CAMP.

Then yesterday we found out that Josh McCown, who had to step in for Carson Wentz after he suffered a concussion, tore his hamstring in the middle of the game. McCown played through the injury that had now left his hamstring torn completely off of the bone.

In the coming days and weeks there might be even more Eagles players having offseason surgery that we find out about, and of course there are some that might keep their injuries and surgeries hidden from the public.

It's incredible to think about how the Eagles had all of these injuries and still only loss to the Seahawks by one possession. It shows just how resilient this team is with Doug Pederson calling the shots and the other veterans in the locker room keeping everyone with the same mindset. Unfortunately, the injuries just became way too much to overcome.

A lot of positives could happen in 2020 if the Eagles can get stay just a little bit healthier. We'll just have to see what kind of injury luck occurs when training camp rolls around in the summer.


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