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Multiple Eagles Get Snubbed From Top 100 Players List

This year the Eagles had four representatives on NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2019 list. Carson Wentz started things off at number 96, then Jason Kelce made the list for the first time in his career when he came in at number 72. A record-breaking year from Zach Ertz put him at number 40, then Fletcher Cox finished as the top Eagle at number 28.

In their Super Bowl year the Eagles only had five players make the list, but with all the talent on last year's team it is disappointing that only four players were represented from the Birds.

Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Brooks, and Lane Johnson (an argument could be made for Brandon Graham too) were all deserving to make the top 100 list, but their peers disrespected them and didn't give them enough credit. For Lane Johnson this wasn't the first time this offseason he got snubbed from a list recognizing the best of the best -- he was left off the top 10 offensive linemen in the NFL list.

Only good things can come from this, as all three of these players have brand new bulletin board material they can use to prove to the rest of the league that this was a mistake. For 2020's list I would expect there to be an increase in Eagles represented on it.

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