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Miller Lite vs Bud Light: The Real NFL Rivalry

The city of Philadelphia- where free beer is offered for every milestone in your life! The Eagles take on the Saints in a huge game this Sunday but they won't be the only ones dishing it out. Miller Lite is competing with Bud Light and taking their idea of buying free rounds for the fans of the winning team.

This Sunday, Miller Lite says they will give a free beer to those of legal age if the Eagles beat the Saints (or vice versa for Saints fans.) The locations of the bars in Philly that it will be offered at has not been released yet. It's first come first served while supplies last so don't waste time after the big win.

Last year Lane Johnson said if the Eagles won the Super Bowl rounds of beer were on him. Bud Light decided to cover the bill for him and buy the first round of beer for those of age the day of the parade. They even had Bud Light stands set up all over Philadelphia the day of the parade.

Bud Light coined the term "Philly Philly" and even had the Eagles logo on their cans for a while, making them the beer of Philadelphia and giving them lots of business. I guess Miller Lite saw all the hype and wanted to get in on the fun and profits.

As for fan of Philadelphia, they don't care the brand- free beer is free beer. This is just another piece of fuel for the Eagles. They are hungry for revenge and thirsty for a cold Miller Lite after a big win.


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