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Miles Sanders Spoils Mom With First NFL Paycheck

A few weeks ago, the Eagles signed their entire 2019 draft class without a hiccup. Now that the rookies have signed their contracts, they are all receiving their first professional football contracts. Eagles running back Miles Sanders is slated to make just a shade under $1 Million in his first year, meaning his first paycheck would have a hefty chunk of change in it.

Instead of going out and buying something expensive to treat himself, he decided to share his newfound wealth with his mother. Yesterday he posted on Instagram that he bought his mother a brand new car.

Sanders might have had the best belated Mother's Day gift of 2019. That might not end up being the last gift he gives to his mom, as he is slated to make a few more million during his rookie contract. Plus, if Sanders' career takes off early, he will cash in in four years when he is eligible to start his second contract.

Mrs. Sanders will now have a smooth ride to Lincoln Financial Field on Sundays to watch her son in the Eagles backfield.

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