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Miles Sanders Jumpstarts Special Teams

What was a bit of a slow start for the Eagles turned around when Miles Sanders got a 67-yard kick return against the Packers in the second quarter, only to be brought down by kicker Mason Crosby. This was what gave the Eagles the momentum to get our first touchdown with Alshon Jeffery, who was fighting through a calf injury. This certainley impacted the game and helped Carson Wentz to get the ball rolling against a tough Packer defense.

The Eagles are not letting the Cowboys have the NFC East without a fight. If you take a look back at the stats through Week 1 to Week 4, Miles Sanders has seven returns for 183 yards compared to Corey Clement who has three for 73 yards. Granted Clement has been dealing with his share of injuries, but Sanders is a good replacement for when we lose Darren Sproles after this season. I know.. I teared up when I typed it. Who doesn't love Sproles?

I would also like to add that Sanders is first in the whole league with kick return yards. However, in second place is Steven Sims Jr. from the Redskins with seven returns and 168 yards. Compare this to 2018 when we ranked 32nd with Corey Clement doing the kick returns for the whole season. Things are on the up for the Eagles and I am glad to see special teams contributing. There are many games to go but a lot to be excited about, especially with Sanders as the main kickoff returner.


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