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Miles Sanders Credits Wentz's Leadership for Comeback Victory

There have been a lot of people criticizing Carson Wentz all year long. He missed some passes (some his fault, some his receivers), he hasn’t put up great numbers, fumbles too much, etc. Fans have called for the Eagles to trade for Nick Foles and get rid of Carson (which is idiotic). There has even been rumors of player in the locker room bashing him saying he’s not a good leader and players rather play for Foles.

No matter what your stance is, there are players on this team that respect and love Carson. After the game, a question was asked to budding star running back Miles Sanders about what stood out about Carson in the second half. He said “leadership.”

To hear that is incredible. In that second half, Wentz basically told the team “hop on” while he carried his inexperienced wide receivers and running backs, a banged up offensive line missing their best piece, and a couple tight ends who had some recent struggles.

I don’t care that they were playing the struggling Giants, I don’t care what the first half looked like, and I don’t care that the Giants QB is an old washed up has-been. What I do care about is Carson finally had that moment where he realized, “I need to be myself and win this game myself.” Boy did he do it. He led a bunch of long, well played drives, moved around in the pocket and outside, extended plays while guys got open, and put balls in places that allowed guys to use their talents to make an even bigger play. Give any QB in the league what Carson was working with against the Giants and I guarantee, maybe three others can do what he did. While people want to say Wentz isn’t the answer, they can look at a game like that and see what he is.

Carson believes in himself, I believe in him, and most importantly, his team believes in him. It’s time this city realizes what we have and enjoy seeing a man who can go down as the best QB this franchise has ever had.



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