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Miles Killebrew Fined for His Unpenalized Facemask on Miles Sanders

The Eagles are coming off a big win in Green Bay, but just to ruin your weekend we wanted to remind you that Miles Sanders also had his neck snapped off by a Detroit Lion and the player was not penalized for doing so.

Today we finally got some justice though, as the offending player, Miles Killebrew, was fined for the foul.

$10,527 sounds relatively inexpensive for an NFL player, but it apparently is the maximum amount allowed to be fined for a facemark infraction. With how brutal this facemark could have been though, there should have been a way to fine him more (the most expensive fine in 2019 so far is $42,112.

No word yet on if the referees who missed that blatantly obvious penalty will be fined. I personally feel like they should be strapped to a rocket and fired towards the sun, but I won't hold my breath for that to happen because NFL officiating sucks.

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