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Mike Wallace Undergoes Successful Surgery

During Sunday's game against the Buccaneers, Mike Wallace suffered an ankle injury and was almost immediately ruled out for the rest of the game. When that happens, that is usually a sign of a significant injury which will require the player to miss at least a few games. That is exactly the case for Mike Wallace, as he reportedly fractured his fibula in his right ankle.

Wallace has yet to be placed on IR, which would require him to miss at least eight weeks or potentially the rest of the season. This means that the team might believe it is an injury that he can come back from after a month or so. General information found online states that a typical recovery is six weeks.

Today he underwent successful surgery on his ankle, which apparently was the first time he has ever needed surgery for an injury.

Wallace's rehab will likely start as soon as possible. The team is currently so desperate for help, that they are reaching out to the likes of Jordan Matthews and Jeremy Maclin.

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