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Mike Wallace Receives High Praise From Merrill Reese

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

When the Eagles traded Torrey Smith this offseason, Howie Roseman knew he needed to add a wide receiver who could take the top off of a defense. So he went out and grabbed one of the best available. Roseman signed Mike Wallace to a 1 year - $4 million deal during free agency, securing himself a wide receiver who could come right in and put up the same, or even better, production than Smith did in 2017.

So far this training camp, Wallace has proven that even though he may be out of his prime, he can still run a fly route and track down a ball. In fact, he has been performing so well at camp, that he caught the eye of legendary Eagles play-by-play radio announcer Merrill Reese.

At 32 years old, Mike Wallace is showing similarities that DeSean Jackson showed in his primeas an Eagle. Hearing that from Reese should put a smile on every Eagles fan's face. With Wallace joining the team, Carson Wentz now has a deep-threat added to his arsenal of offensive weapons.

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