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Mike Wallace Could Become Focal Point of the Offense Against Bucs

It's not a secret that the Eagles offense didn't play well against the Atlanta Falcons in the season opener. The team did score two rushing touchdowns, but their passing game was almost invisible, as Nick Foles finished with 117 passing yards and struggled through most of the game to find chemistry with his teammates. For their game against the Buccaneers, Foles made it known that the team wants the Eagles offense to pick up the slack. One way they are trying to get the offense jump-started will be to find WR Mike Wallace early and often.

Wallace was on the field for 66 snaps in last Thursday's game against the Falcons. He was targeted a few times in the game, but ended up not recording a catch in the game - one pass was under-thrown in his direction and was defended by a defensive back, and another play where a ball came his way he didn't have a shot to catch it, but tried (unsuccessfully) to draw a defensive pass interference play.

When Nick Foles leads the team out on offense for their first series in their game against the Buccaneerss, don't be surprised to see Wallace get at least one target in his direction. The Bucs will be without their two of their top cornerbacks for this game (Vernon Hargreaves, Brent Grimes), so Wallace has a good chance of being involve in the game plan throughout the whole game to try to take the top off Tampa Bay's defense. If they still are having hard time getting the ball to him through the air, the team might also try to give him the ball via end arounds.

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