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Mike Vick Predicted St. Nick

Back in 2013, when fans had no hope for Nick Foles, Mike Vick predicted that Foles would be a franchise quarterback. Before their big win on Sunday, Vick posted a picture of him and Foles on his Instagram with the title of the article from 2013. His caption read, "Game day!! #BLEEDGREEN...swipe over and check the date of that SB Nation article...#ImJustSayin #Oracle?"

The date of the original article was November 14th, 2013...a little over 5 years ago. During this time, the Eagles were facing the same struggles they have been for the past two years. They were winning games and were at the top of the division but their star quarterback, Mike Vick, got hurt and Nick Foles had to step in. No one knew much about the young back up quarterback back then but he proved he deserved a shot.

Foles was playing well and winning, with only six games remaining in Vick's contract. Vick told The Inquirer that he did not know if he would remain the Eagles starting quarterback and even if he did get better he expected Foles to remain the starter.

The 2013 Eagles finished 10-6 and 1st in the NFC East. Sadly, their season came to an end against the Saints in the Wild Card Playoff Round with rookie Nick Foles as quarterback. Fast forward five years and  he is now the face of Eagles football with a Superbowl win on his back and we are about to face the Saints again...coincidence, I think not.

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