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Michael Bennett Steps Up To Quiet the Storm, at Least a Little Bit

The sense around the Philadelphia Eagles is that the sky is falling. Obviously the on-filed play has not met expectations, and there are question marks all over the field. In addition, the Eagles have been ravaged by injuries. And following Sunday’s brutal loss to the Vikings, a feeling that things weren’t right off the field began to emerge as well.

From the on-field spat between Jalen Mills and Fletcher Cox, to postgame comments from Jay Ajayi, Stefen Wisniewski, and Jason Peters, it started to feel like the Eagles just weren’t on the same page and weren’t the tight-knit group of last year.

Today, we got some indication that this is not the case and that Doug Pederson remains in control of the locker room.

Amid the disarray that has emerged through the first five weeks of the season, this is incredibly encouraging to hear. When you consider the source, you have to like it even more.

There was a contingent of fans who were concerned about Michael Bennett’s effect on the locker room, but here we see him going to bat for his head coach and setting a much-needed steady and positive tone in the locker room. Where once there was a concern, it now appears that Bennett is not only not disrupting the locker room, but in fact serving as a leader.

With the team desperate for any sign of positivity and any semblance of good news, it was Bennett who stepped up to provide a bit of relief and send a message to his teammates. There’s still time to salvage the 2018 season, and Bennett’s comments serve as a good starting point. Now it’s up the to the Eagles to prove it on the field, starting Thursday night against the Giants.

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