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Merrill Reese is on the Shelton Gibson Hype Train

There is no denying that Shelton Gibson has impressed so far this preseason. He is 2nd in the NF Lin receiving yards this month, and top-15 in the league in catches. With all those yards and not many catches, that obviously means he has a high average of yards per catch, he is 6th in the league in average yards per catch with 21.7 AVG (minimum of 5 catches). All that attention from quarterbacks during these games has caught the eye of Eagles play-by-play announcer Merrill Reese, and he believes that what Gibson is doing this preseason isn't a fluke.

Reese seems to be on board with what the Eagles have at the wide receiver position. Alshon Jeffery has already proven what he is capable of, as has Nelson Agholor. Earlier in training camp, Merrill compared Mike Wallace to DeSean Jackson. And now the team has a young improved speedster in Shelton Gibson . When healthy, Mack Hollins has also proved to be a capable receiver, so it's easy to see that as long as they stay healthy as a group, the Eagles will have one of the best wide receiver corps in the NFL.

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