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Merril Reese Tells Awesome Story From Last Year's Super Bowl

Eagles fans will forever be indebted to the 2017-18 Eagles, who broke a 57 year championship drought by defeating the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. It feels like we should know basically everything that happened in the week leading up to the big game last season, but today Eagles play-by-play broadcaster Merril Reese unveiled a new story about LeGarrette Blount that will put a smile on every Eagles fan's face.

What a legend. Blount wasn't the only Eagle that oozed confidence going into the big game - earlier that week same week, Alshon Jeffery gave his now famous interview that showed he didn't have a care in the world and was only focused on beating New England.

The Eagles will look to head back to the Super Bowl some time soon with Carson Wentz under center. If/When they do, hopefully the confidence spewed back in 2018 will come back again.

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