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Matchup Preview: Week 2 vs. Atlanta Falcons

After a rough start in Week 1 versus the Washington Redskins, the Philadelphia Eagles rallied back in the third quarter to win 32-27. Luckily, they shouldn't have to claw their way back in their upcoming matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons employ one of the most dynamic receiving groups that include Julio Jones -- a monster wide receiver who has had his way with the Eagles secondary for much of his career (4th down and goal excluded). In four regular season games against Philadelphia, he’s amassed 568 yards and 3 touchdowns. Extrapolate that over an entire 16 game season, and he would have 2,272 yards and 12 touchdowns, which would be good enough for one of the greatest seasons of all time.

On the other hand, Matt Ryan will need time in order to get the ball to Jones, which is something he did not have much of against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1. Atlanta struggled to create running lanes and protection time for Ryan all game, and Philadelphia’s defensive line should be able to create the same kind of havoc, if not more.

On offense, the Eagles offensive line shouldn’t face much trouble against the Falcons defensive line. Minnesota ran up and down the field in Week 1, so look for the Eagles’ talented group of running backs to feast in this game.

Carson Wentz hasn’t faced the Falcons since his rookie season when they won 24-16. He’ll need to stay patient and continue to let plays develop and work for him in order to be successful.

Final Score:

Eagles - 37

Falcons - 23



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