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Marquise Goodwin Responds to Tyreek Hill's Race Challenge

There is still some time before players around the NFL have to report to their respective Training Camps. To help kill some of that time, players usually start working out on their own so that they will be in shape by the by they have to practice. So what's one way that wide receivers can start preparing for the season? Run.

Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill recently raced Terrell Owens, and even after giving Owens a head start he was able to come back to win the race (although it looked like a photo-finish).

Afterward, Hill went on ESPN's First Take to brag about the win, and in the process he called out every receiver who thinks they are faster than him, including new Eagles receiver Marquise Goodwin.

Once Hill made it known all you need to do to challenge him to a race is to "@" him. A few hours later Goodwin made it known he wants that race with to happen, @-ing Hill a dozen times and claiming Hill has been dodging him.

Hill is picking a race with quite an accomplished foe, as Goodwin was previously a track and field star for the United States, even participating in the 2012 London Olympics. That was eight years ago though, and there's a chance Goodwin is no longer at his fastest now as a 29-year-old.

If this race were to eventually happen, the 26-year-old Hill would likely be the favorite to win, but I wouldn't bet against the former Olympian who doesn't like being called out online by his opponents...



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