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Malik Jackson Makes Promise to Eagles Fans

Being on Injured Reserve is foreign territory for Malik Jackson, as this is the first time he has ever been placed on the list. In his previous seven seasons in the NFL, he was not active for just two games out of a possible 113. So of course when he joins the Eagles he goes ahead and suffers a serious foot injury that will cost him the remaining 15+ games in the season.

Since this is an unfamiliar situation for Jackson, he posted an update on Instagram while making a promise to Eagles fans.

Jackson initially signed a three-year deal this past offseason, and is basically a lock to make the 2020 team due to how his contract is currently set up. The team can potentially release him after the 2020 season and forego the final year of his deal in order to save $5.2 Million against the cap. Jackson's ability to bounce back and recover from this foot injury will dictate just how much longer he'll be a Philadelphia Eagle.

In the meantime, Tim Jernigan will get a chance to get tons of reps in a contract year. A big season from Jernigan could mean either a long-term deal in Philadelphia or a long-term deal elsewhere in the NFL, which could lead to the Eagles receiving a compensatory pick in 2021.

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