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Malcolm Jenkins Makes it Clear He Wants a New Contract or He Wants Out of Philly

Malcolm Jenkins' 2019 season didn't start off all that hot. He looked a little slow and there was obvious miscommunications that led to big plays against him and the rest of the defense. Doubt was starting to settle in and it felt like the best of Jenkins was behind him. Everything changed at the end of the season.

His veteran presence and leadership on the field helped the Eagles turn their season around and win the last four games of the year to clinch the NFC East. A big against the Seattle Seahawks proved not to be enough, as the Seahawks ended the Eagles season with a 17-9 win at the Linc.

There is one year remaining on the four-year, $35 Million deal Jenkins signed back in 2016, but today he made it clear that he will not play out the last year of that contract. He is giving the Eagles an ultimatum -- give him a new deal or let him go somewhere else.

On his current deal, Jenkins was actually set to make less money in 2020 ($7.6 Million) than he did in 2019 ($8.1 Million). He feels that his overall great play should mean he gets even more money in 2020 and beyond. Even in what felt like a down year at first, Jenkins set new career-highs in forced fumbles (four), sacks (2.5) and QB hits (9).

So far in his Eagles career, Jenkins has made roughly $22.5 Million on his contracts, and has made $35.7 Million in his career. The 32-year-old knows that he only has a few more years before his time in the NFL runs out, so he wants to `make as much money as he can before the end of his career comes.

Howie Roseman will have a tough decision to make. He knows that Jenkins' play on the field is likely to take a dip, and he probably doesn't want to be on the hook for a big money, long-term deal. However, he knows how important Jenkins is to this Eagles team and how big of a loss he would be both on the field and in the locker room.

At the end of the day this feels a little similar to the Brian Dawkins situation back at the end of 2008. The Eagles brass didn't want to give big money to a player over 30-years-old, and instead let an Eagles legend walk away and finish his career with another team. It it only ends up being a few extra million dollars that Jenkins wants, it might be irresponsible for Roseman and company to upset such an important player and force him out of Philadelphia.

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