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Looking at the Likely Remaining OC Candidates

The Philadelphia Eagles have expressed interested in and interviewed several offensive coordinator candidates, but so far there was no convincing them to accept the job offer. Baltimore Ravens QB coach James Urban and USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell both decided to stay at their respective positions. The team also requested permission to interview Kansas City Chiefs QB coach Mike Kafka, but Andy Reid denied the request because he expects to lose offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy very soon, so Kafka would get the promotion to OC in KC. With these denials, a thought creeps into your head and makes you think that no one really wants the offensive coordinator job in Philadelphia after Mike Groh was fired this past this season. Maybe it has to due with Doug Pederson handling the play calling, so the OC title is basically just for show.

There as still a few more candidates names that have been floating around, and it seems like it might be down to these three names:

Duce Staley

The former Eagles running back has had a pretty big title the last two seasons as assistant head coach, but it would be another in-house hire like Mike Groh. This hire would be a fan favorite because of his glory days as an Eagles running back and because Staley actually knows Philadelphia and the atmosphere. If he does get hired he should work great with the players, and it would be cool to maybe watch him turn out to be an amazing play-caller that Pederson eventually trusts to run some of the offense.

Jim Caldwell

Caldwell is the former Colts and Lions head coach who had the privilege of coaching Peyton Manning, Matthew Stafford, and he coached Joe Flacco in Baltimore. There have been rumors swirling that Flacco could land in Philadelphia to serve as a backup to Carson Wentz, so I see that as a possible connection. Caldwell's health has been an issue the past year when he was supposed to be a quarterbacks coach in Miami, so I think his health is where it all narrows down to and if he trusts his health enough to focus on coaching in 2020. Basically I think if he wants the position, it will be all his.

Press Taylor

Taylor has been in Philadelphia since 2013 and has worked his way up from offensive quality control coach, assistant quarterbacks coach and now to quarterbacks coach. Could Press continue working his way up now to OC? Taylor already works closely with Carson Wentz and has worked with him for three seasons, but I think this would be a surprise dark horse hire from Doug Pederson since no other names have been speculated now outside of Staley and Caldwell.

Unfortunately, I hate that the OC search has looked like it is an undesirable position. Personally, I wanted Mike Kafka, but Andy Reid is not ready to let him go. With whoever coach Doug Pederson hires, I guess it is what it is because of the circumstances, but if I had to pick one, I would hire Duce Staley due to him being the fan favorite and experienced with this current Eagles roster. If the Birds hired Duce, I think it will still be a satisfying hire and calm down the rabid fan base.

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