List of Prospects Eagles Have Had Formal Meetings With at Combine

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

With the NFL Combine underway, football's offseason is starting to pick up its pace. Head Coaches, General Managers, and other front office executives are in Indianapolis to meet with all of the prospects they have on their radar. With that in mind, here is all of the meetings Eagles representatives have had with prospects that have been made public:

Iowa State: David Montgomery | RB | 5'11, 216 lbs | Jr. (Source)

David Montgomery is a name that most had atop their RB board before Josh Jacobs showed out in the College Football Playoffs. Some draft experts still have him atop the RB board. Montgomery is an interesting back, in that while he is a forceful runner he can also link cuts together to make defenders miss. Montgomery is a good route runner and has great hands out of the backfield, traits that boosts his value in the Eagles offense.

Current Draft Projection: 2nd-4th Round

San Diego State: Ryan Pope | OT | 6'7, 320 lbs | Sr. (Source)

Pope is a large athletic tackle with quick feet and a strong frame. Playing most of his career at RT, before moving to LT for the final three games of his Aztecs career. Pope's athleticism showed consistently on tape; a pivotal skill Stoutland and Pederson desire in their big men up front.

Current Draft Projection: Mid-Rounds 

Florida: Fred Johnson | G | 6'6, 330 lbs | Sr. (Source)

A big bodied guard, who has also started at RT - proves to have the versatility the Eagles look for on the offensive line. Johnson moves pretty well for his size, another trait the Eagles value in lineman. While Brandon Brooks is an elite talent coming off of a torn achillies in the playoffs for a big man doesn't bode well for his prospects for playing next season. Finding the next starter at guard or a depth piece is important.

Current Draft Projection: Mid-Late Rounds 

Stanford: Bryce Love | RB | 5'10, 202 lbs | Sr. (Source)

What if I told you that a Heisman finalist was going to be drafted on day three? Love went from the best running back in CFB to one that many seem to forget about. Due to injuries and under performance Love will slip in the draft - a potential fit in the city of brotherly "Love."

Current Draft Projection: 4th Round 

Alabama State: Tytus Howard | OT | 6'6, 311 lbs | Sr. (Source)

Surprise! Another tall, athletic lineman that the Eagles have shown interest in. A small school prospect who earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl, Howard held his own against an Auburn front earlier in the season.

Current Draft Projection: Current Draft Projection: 6th-Round  

Oklahoma: Rodney Anderson | RB | 6'1, 220 lbs | Jr. (Source)

Before tearing his ACL early in the season, Anderson was considered one of the top 2 RBs to be coming out for the 2019 NFL draft. Anderson could end up being a steal for the Eagles, and fit right in with this offense day one. Only thing to hold him back - injuries.

Current Draft Projection: 6th-7th Round 

Penn State: Miles Sanders | RB | 5'11, 215 lbs | Jr. (Source)

Not the same prospect as Saquon, Sanders is still a similar runner to the NY Giant running back. A strong, smooth back is precise at picking his hole and patient enough to set his blocks up. Sanders will not be a top pick in this draft, but a potential sleeper in the Eagles offense.

Current Draft Projection: 4th-Round 

Texas A&M: Trayveon Williams | RB | 5'9, 200 lbs | Jr. (Source)

A smaller sized back that put on a ton of weight last offseason to carry more of the load for the Aggies. Williams is a high character guy, and sources say he is highly spoken of in his locker room. Williams lacks elite traits as a runner, but his numbers hint that he may find a niche in an NFL offense.

Current Draft Projection: 3rd-Round 

Florida Atlantic: Devin Singletary | RB | 5'9, 200 lbs | Jr. (Source)

Singletary, another smaller back was recently comped to a former Eagle great: Lesean McCoy. Singletary is a highly underrated runner from Florida Atlantic, that shows similar running styles to Shady. A good enough runner in between the tackles, Singletary has the shake and bake to make defenders miss.

Current Draft Projection: 5th-Round 

Alabama: Joshua Jacobs | RB | 5'10, 216 lbs | Jr. (Source)

Exploding onto the scene late this past season and into the CFB playoffs, Jacobs has solidified himself as a first-round pick. Jacobs has all of the tools to be a great runner in the NFL. Size, speed, elusiveness, and receiving skills.

Current Draft Projection: 1st-Round 

Kansas State : Dalton Risner | T/G | 6'5, 308 lbs | Sr. (Source)

My favorite O-line prospect, Risner has the potential to be a star in the NFL. Following Risner throughout the 2018 season, he displayed a consistent leadership ability and toughness to his game. Risner is another lineman that is versatile enough to make his way as a tackle or guard in the NFL.

Current Draft Projection: 2nd-Round 

Temple: Ryquell Armstead | RB | 5'11, 215 lbs | Jr. (Source)

The hometown kid, same hometown as Mike Trout, Armstead has nice size for a runner. An extremely aggressive runner, that sometimes is "too aggressive" and doesn't see the field well.

Current Draft Projection: 7th-Round/UDFA

Memphis: Tony Pollard | RB/WR | 6'0, 208 lbs | Jr. (Source)

Pollard while possessing great route running ability, does not seem to have a natural set of hands. As a ball carrier - Pollard is elite.

Current Draft Projection: 6th-Round 

Notre Dame: Dexter Williams | RB | 5'11, 215 lbs | Sr. (Source)

Williams is a lot like a current Notre Dame RB on the Eagles roster - Josh Adams. A big runner, withe a narrow base - Williams can become a solid prospect.

Current Draft Projection: 5th-Round 

Miami: Travis Homer | RB | 5'11, 205 lbs | Jr. (Source)

Homer has been the "doll" of the combine so far. A smooth runner that has fumbling issues. Homer's vision is very limited and while he consistently misses back side cuts - has the ability to make last second cuts, causing defenders to miss.

Current Draft Projection: 7th-Round

Alabama: Irv Smith Jr. | TE | 6'4, 241 lbs | Jr. (Source)

A versatile, athletic TE out of Alabama - Smith Jr. is known for his receiving ability, but is also a great run blocker. Smith is an interesting meeting with the Eagles because the team has an All-Pro in Ertz, and just used high draft capital one season ago in Goedert.

Current Draft Projection: 2nd-Round

Utah State: Dax Raymond | TE | 6'4, 245 lbs | Jr. (Source)

Another versatile TE, Raymond is another surprising meeting with the Eagles. Raymond is not as polished in route running nor run blocking as Smith, or either of the tight ends on the roster - but flashes potential to be a solid NFL TE. Expect to hear Dax Raymond's name before the end of day two or very beginning of day three, thanks to his performance during the senior bowl.

Current Draft Projection: 4th-Round

Oklahoma State: Jordan Brailford | DE | 6'3, 240 lbs | Jr. (Source)

This marks the second time the team has met with Brailford. (See East-West Shrine article here), proving that the Eagles see something in this prospect. Brailford is another versatile piece that Schwartz can use in different positions, as he has experience lining up all over the field.

Current Draft Projection: 4th-5th-Round

Clemson: Christian Wilkins | DT | 6'4, 300 lbs | Sr. (Source)

Wilkins was a leader on the best defensive line from college football in 2018. As the defending champ's anchor, Wilkins is better known for his run stuffing abilities. While a great prospect, Wilkins has work to do with his pass rush ability.

Current Draft Projection: Late 1st-Round