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Lane Johnson Says He Threw His Super Bowl Ring Into Schuylkill River

Lane Johnson is making it clear that he doesn't even think about what happened last season.

After helping the Eagles win their first Super Bowl in franchise history, he spent some of the offseason chirping about the Patriots and responding to comments made by Alvin Kamara. With the Eagles off to an underwhelming start to the season, Johnson and the rest of the Eagles have been scrutinized about not coming out of the gate this year with the same intensity as last season. Media are starting to use the words "Super Bowl hangover" over and over again.

Johnson went on The Herdto discuss the events of last season and what has happened so far this season. He had a pretty interesting response when he was asked if they still feel like underdogs this season, even though they won the Super Bowl last year and most believe they are favorites to still win again this season.

Johnson said he threw both his underdog mask along with his Super Bowl ring into the Schuylkill River.  "It means absolutely nothing to me at this moment in time."

Did Johnson really throw his Super Bowl ring into the river? Probably not. Johnson is just saying that last year is in the past so it's not worth reflecting on right now when the team is trying to compete for a championship this season.

There's no question Johnson is locked in mentally for the 2018 campaign, now the rest of the team has to follow suit and put their Super Bowl rings in a hidden place so they can be hungry to get a new one.

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