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Lane Johnson's Availability Will Be Crucial for Eagles Moving Forward

If there was a reset button to start 2020 back from the beginning, I think Howie Roseman would press the button so hard that it'd break.

Dealing with season-ending injuries to Brandon Brooks and Andre Dillard was hard enough, but starting the season with Lane Johnson ailing too? Everything has just been FUBAR.

The worst part of Johnson's injury is that it's not even a new injury, he is STILL healing from the ankle injury he suffered late in 2019. He apparently wasn't able to get surgery on the injured ankle until August. Ankle injuries are tricky for all NFL players, but especially for heavy offensive linemen. So if Johnson rushes back, then there's a possibility where he never gets back to 100%.

Even if Johnson isn't 100% this season, will he be a game-changer like he has been in the past? It is no secret that the Eagles are a better team when #65 is on the field.

We will find out on Sunday just how much of a difference Johnson can help make, and determine from there what will be the best way to handle his health moving forward.

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