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Lack of Holding Calls Could Alter Eagles' Plans for Aaron Donald

After watching Washington's defense sack Carson Wentz eight times on Sunday, Eagles fans aren't looking forward to the offensive line trying to handle Aaron Donald in Week 2.

Donald is fresh off of his fifth-consecutive first-team all-pro selection, and is already trending towards a sixth-straight selection. Donald looked dominant in his Week 1 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys; he recorded one sack and many hits on Dak Prescott, included this gem of a play...

So how will the Eagles handle Donald this Sunday? They can try the legal approach and hope that the interior o-line of Isaac Seumalo, Jason Kelce, and Nate Herbig can control him better than they controlled Washington's d-line. OORRRR.......maybe they can try an illegal approach?

This past week of football games saw a historic low in holding calls made by referees.

The Eagles can certainly use the lack of calls in their favor if they want to. They can try to hold Donald as much as they want on Sunday, and if the ref's trend of ignoring most of the holds continues, they should only get penalized a few times for it, allowing for all their other plays to go unfazed by Donald.

The only thing stopping the Eagles from fully taking this approach is ethics. Is it ethical to knowingly break the rules every single play figuring that referees can only call penalties so many times? We will see just how much ethics comes into play on Sunday if we see Aaron Donald running freely in our backfield, or if he is barely noticed...

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